Modern Presentation Skills – Part 1″ is no ordinary two-day training in presentation skills. Crass seen I would not call it an education, but rather a journey of development based on the latest scientific research on communication and rhetoric many years of experience.

The focus is namely not to deliver a set theory in combination with some practical exercises but rather to lift you and every single participant from the current level to a higher level characterized by two things: Clearer communication and more successful presentations.

The development journey that you will experience consists of turning the theory and individualized praxis and at least four own presentations, a video filming and a very popular individual coaching session. For you as a participant will this development journey during two days get you to overcome your nervousness, give you the knowledge, techniques, tips, and above all, it is guaranteed to lift you to a new level of presentation skills.

Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge of the subject is required.

Target group: This course is for anyone who wants to develop their presentation skills and the way of communicating. The level of the course fits the absolute majority of presenters who feel they want to lift their presentation skills to a new level. If you have any reflection of your own level and how it fits, feel free to contact me, and we will sort that out.

Goal: After the end of the course, you as participants will feel confident in how you dispose, illustrating and delivering a presentation that provides emphatic and convincing. You will also have a self-perceived experience of what you are doing right and what the future can do better and how it feels.


  • Modern research in communications
  • Reduce and manage your nervousness
  • Body language and noise
  • Eye contact and facial expressions
  • Four voice instruments
  • Eye Contact
  • Preparations
  • Basic rhetoric
  • The essential structure of the presentation
  • Commencement and termination
  • Keep the red thread
  • Structure to build a presentation
  • Script
  • To be spontaneous
  • Death By PowerPoint
  • Other aids
  • Handling issues

Practical exercises: –

  • 1 communication exercise
  • 4 individual presentations
  • 2 individual coaching opportunity
  • 1 collectively occasion coaching
  • 1 perceptual exercise

Cost 1899 USD / per person / Including classroom seat, food & beverages, book, pen and paper and video recording plus feedback.

Minimum of 5 Participants

Maximum of 10 Participants

As usual, our course in ”PowerPoint in praxis” is not like any other course in PowerPoint on the market. Our focus is to provide you with an education that is exactly what you need! Obviously we will give you exactly the technical knowledge you need, and the aesthetic skills in how to make your PowerPoint stylish but most importantly is that you also get with you the knowledge on how to take into account the cognitive limitations of your next receivers so that they really understand and remember what you mean.

We know all functions in all PowerPoint versions, and we want to make your life easier by giving you all of that knowledge. Bring your own laptop so you can work at your own version of PowerPoint and in your own environment. If you do not have a laptop, you obviously take one of ours in place. And what we believe to be the most important thing in education is that you can either bring your own existing PowerPoint and rebuild it or build your own new from the beginning. You will regularly receive coaching and help from the teacher. The groups are limited to 6 people to be able to give everyone just as much support and assistance as they need to build a world-class PowerPoint.

Previous knowledge:

Basic computer skills and office skills.

Target group:

The course is for those who understand that PowerPoint is a great tool if used correctly – and who now want to learn the most important and the best technical features in PowerPoint and want to learn how to really build a good PowerPoint with cognition and psychology mind.


After the course, you will have good knowledge of all the technical features you need to build a world-class PowerPoint. You will also have the privilege instead of dealing with fictional PowerPoint files you have either built on one of your existing PowerPoint files or build a new one from scratch.


  • Modern research in communications
  • PowerPoint, strengths and weaknesses
  • The 14 most important features in PowerPoint
  • How to use templates efficiently
  • Presentation mode
  • How to download video and put into PowerPoint
  • How to add other media
  • Functional animations in PowerPoint
  • Alternative means
  • How to make a good delivery of your PowerPoint
  • Cognitive aspects to take into account
  • 7 aesthetic tips that make all the difference
  • How to create a PowerPoint that participants remember
  • Excerpt from our lecture ”How To Avoid Death By PowerPoint”

Practical exercises:

  • Build your own PowerPoint presentation
  • 2 presentation exercises
  • Individual coaching current
  • 1 perceptual exercise

Cost: 995 USD / Per person / Including classroom seat, food & beverages, book, pen and paper

Minimum number of participants 3

Maximum number of participants 6

In the past five years, tremendous advances in neurology and biology in decision-making and buying signals have pioneered a completely new development form of sales. We are influenced by our emotions and justify our decisions with our logic – but before we even get access to the two areas of the brain, you need to pass the orbital frontal cortex, which is often forgotten, and instead sold it to ”deaf ears” or as the actual expression should obey ”dopamine poor brains.”

In this course you will learn how and why you have to meet the other party, or rather the counterparty brain with some specific considerations, and once you are ”in” and we will give you not only the unique combination of how you create a purchasing behavior, but you get of course also work on it during the whole program. The training is done with the benefit of your own products and services, even if some exercises are also public.

Previous knowledge:

A good self-esteem is an advantage to be interpreted as convincing and thus be convincing. However, you need no specific knowledge of the subject with you.

Target group:

This course is for anyone who works as a sales representative at any level. Even the most seasoned sellers have a tremendous benefit from the course because they can not possibly keep up to date on the latest neurological and biological evolution on the subject.


You will have a renewed understanding and knowledge of how to plan your sales presentations and sales meetings to reach a very high efficiency.


  • Modern research in communications
  • The definition of being convincing
  • Focus on value and function before acting
  • Read and use non-verbal communication
  • Learn how to be convincing / self-assured command
  • The brain structure of a decision-making / buying perspective
  • Which parts of the brain, you must enable and what you should fit you for
  • Which hormones affect our decisions
  • 16 infuencing technics in a never before shown process
  • 5 Other infuence indications
  • Preparations
  • A selling structure, from start to finish
  • Basic presentation skills
  • Being able to handle any counterarguments
  • Manage objections / issues
  • Use strong language

Practical exercises:

  • 1 communication exercise
  • 3 indvidual sales presentations
  • 2 individual coaching opportunity
  • 1 collectively occasion coaching
  • 2 analysis exercises

Cost: 1095 USD / per person / Including classroom seat, food & beverages, book, pen and paper

Minimum number of participants 5

Maximum number of participants 10


A new way of presentation, sales and leadership skills