One product, a message, a service. Exactly the same thing, but with a significant difference, and that is who deliver the presentation of the product, message or service. Such a significant difference that may be decisive for the outcome and effect.

Regardless of the training method you choose from the extensive flora of options so indviduall coaching hard to beat if not even undefeated. The power is in that you get all the attention and that we from an array of more than 150 criteria seek out the big and small details that you would benefit from developing within.

The individual coaching starts with you first must conduct your presentation; a presentation that is analyzed according to the criteria 150. Then you get feedback, instructions and perhaps even training depending on what is needed to begin your journey of development. During the day or days depending on the extent of coaching you want to spin this process around and around. Presentation – Feedback – Development – Presentation.

If you will be using PowerPoint or similar means so we also place great focus on that you can handle the tool and that your presentation is optimized in terms of content, colors, shapes, images e.t.c.


Few or no services can match the efficiency of individual coaching because you get immediate feedback and customized instruction and training perfectly suited for you.

Previous knowledge:

No previous knowledge of the subject is required

Target group:

If you are a person on the go and that is dependent on your ability to communicate so individual coaching just right for you.


The content is tailored to each participant depending on where he / she has their skills gaps. But often covered by, for example, body language, voice, structure and rhetoric (specified under 150 criteria)


The duration of the coaching program is dependent on where you are and what you want to learn. Often, the coaching 4 hours to 8 hours long and advantageously implemented coaching over 1-4 days, depending on need.

Cost: 3995 USD per person/day including classroom and food & bevreges

PowerPoint is a great tool – if used correctly. For used the wrong PowerPoint directly counter-productive for the presentation. To use the PowerPoint right are a number of things to consider, and how you as a presenter should act with your PowerPoint and secondly how you should design your PowerPoint.

In our coaching packages for PowerPoint, we work our way through your PowerPoint; picture by picture only from a technical point of view and then how you are actually going to talk, point and work your way through your PowerPoint. Finally, you perform the entire presentation with PowerPoint.


After coaching moment you have had an immediate effect in terms of your PowerPoint is lifted to the next level and that you have learned how to do the same with your next PowerPoint presentations.

Previous knowledge:

No previous knowledge of the subject required

Target group:

Coaching in PowerPoint addressed to you in the near future will conduct a presentation using PowerPoint and who want to be 100% sure that your PowerPoint is optimized and that you work well with your PowerPoint presentation itself.


  • 8 factors of a good delivery
  • 4 factors to create memories with PowerPoint
  • 10 factors to create a perceptually good PowerPoint


The duration of the coaching program depends on how large your presentation is. For a presentation of about 50 slides needed maximum 1 day.

Cost: 2995 USD per person/day including classroom and food & bevreges.


A new way of presentation, sales and leadership skills