3 simple tools that lowers your stress

Have you ever been under stress? A deadline that is closing in? Too many tasks that needs your attention? Or not just feeling that you have time to do anything?


Well then you have too much of the hormone Cortisol in you. Cortisol is our public enemy number one. Whenever we feel negative stress it’s that hormone that is triggered in our brain. Unfortunately this hormone powers another substance in our body. No other than adrenaline and that substance makes us utterly dumb. have you ever been in an argument with you loved one or a friend and they said something and you wanted to reply but not until ten minutes later you figured out what you wanted to say. Or that moment when you hold a presentation and you forget what to say. Not until 5 minutes before the end you remember what you earlier forgot. That is all about cortisol and the effect of adrenaline. It takes all the blood from the brain and puts it straight out in the muscle. Because it’s all about fight or flight, more capacity to take yourself out of whatever situation you are in right then. Either by fighting or fleeing. The things I mentioned earlier also affects the cortisol, with tight deadlines and saying yes to many tasks. So is there a way that you can feel less stress and also feel a bit better about yourself?


Of course! I´ve been telling you in an earlier post about Amy Cuddy´s Power Pose that increases your testosterone and reduces cortisol. But now I also want to tell you about another feel good hormone and that is dopamine. Dopamine is the reason we go out of bed. Without dopamine we would die. Just lay down and die. Dopamine is one of the biggest reward hormones we have in our body. It gives us reason. And we are subjected to it every day. One of the best way of feeling dopamine is to go in to a seven eleven. And picture yourself going in there just to buy a pack of gum. Is that what you will walk out with or have you also bought something else? In many cases we walk in there, and after just a couple of seconds our nose gets hit with that wonderful smell of cinnamon and sugar.

Those great cinnamon rolls that are freshly made. Your brain now tells you that if you buy one of those you will get a little dosage of this. And it inject some dopamine in your bloodstream. After a while it increases it and now you are having a contest in your brain to reason out of why you should not buy that cinnamon roll. Unfortunately dopamine is a very powerful hormone and eventually it will win and you will tell yourself that it is okay to buy it because you will go to the gym tonight anyway so what does it matter. It won’t affect beach 2016. So exiting seven eleven you now have a pack of gum and a bag of 1, 2 or 3 cinnamon rolls. You will in the majority of case rip that bag and eat one of them straight away. And when you do. A huge syringe with dopamine will be released in to your body and you will feel such a great feeling of satisfaction for a minute or two then guilt will set in but that is a different story. Best part of dopamine is that it’s addictive, so we will want that feeling again. So we search for situations that gives us that syringe of reward.


So my tip for you regarding getting dopamine and feeling better and less stressed out is the following.

  1. Make sure that you say no to taking on to many tasks. Also make sure that you finish them before the deadline. If you do that your body will reward you with a dopamine treat for finishing before and not on the finish line.
  2. Make sure that the goal and task you set is small and also short term. Easier for the human body to cope with.
  3. And last but not least. Keep Power Posing yourself every day at least 2 minutes!

Now you will feel less stressed out and can start creating more dopamine and testosterone! I wish you the best of luck.


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This Sucks… what a horrible presentation!

What a shitty way of making an interesting topic so boring…

Waste of my time…

Why do we need to be here…

Four simple phrases and thoughts that are used in so many countries in our world every single day. So what can you do about it?

Simple, just stop doing it! Stop doing boring presentations! Stop wasting people’s time! Stop giving people the reason of feeling like there is no future.

And how should you stop doing this? First of all start being smarter when you create your presentation. Make sure you use other graphic tools than PowerPoint. Why not use a flip chart or a whiteboard?


One of the most static tools we can use is PowerPoint. Mix it up a bit, and make your presentation more alive, start interacting with your audience, thru quizzes, tasks and teamwork. I hold education days where I can stand and educate for several hours in a row, just for an example, today I did that and the participants looked a the clock at 4 pm and said wow… we stated at 9 am and this did not feel like 7 hours.  So make sure to keep them occupied. And they will reward you with their attention, when it’s time for you shine!


Also make sure to be different, why not have some music playing in the background when they arrive. This is something that can change their mindset from whatever they were thinking of before into have a clean slate and now will look more forward into what you will say.

 I highly recommend using some sort of music that creates powerful feelings. For instant using music that have been in movies can have great effect on participants. Unless it’s a really sad song, like when Leonardo DiCaprio sunk to the bottom of the ocean in Titanic. It might not set everyone in the right mindset of feeling exited over your presentation. Instead might create feelings like your presentation will sink like the ship, and that is something we don´t want.


Last but not least I want to give you the advice that you should start creating reasons and goals of why they should be at your presentation. They could choose not to but we thrive of loving reasons. So give it to them! Make sure they understand their well-being of being there. Our brain works endlessly to make sure that what we are subjected to helps us in our development and further evolving of our knowledge and survival. If it does not find that in your presentation… it will look somewhere else. In a phone, computer, outside the window or why not in drawing doodles on a paper. So once again make sure to stimulate their reason of being there.


So stop taking your audience for granted! They will not always be there! It all starts with you! Its time to change the presentation society as we know today.

So with caring and endless love for all presenters out there in our world! Lets ROCK!

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Lower your stress! 

What is the connection between the sun and…

… a bright meeting room?


Well first of all isn’t it fun to see now when the sun comes out and the temperature rises what happens with people? I was walking on the boardwalk in Helsingborg 3 weeks ago it was only 5-7 degrees Celsius. Not a single soul was out. But now? This last weekend it was going up towards 27 degrees and the boardwalk is crowded to the brink of its capacity. So where am I going with this. Well first of all when the warm weather comes and that bright yellow sun comes out people’s mode changes into a more positive sense and the sun gives you vitamin D and you usually feel better about yourself. A smile pops up easier than before. Compared to 3 weeks ago it was not the same mental status in people. You could feel the grumpiness and frustration in their eyes. They had that marked frown on their face that told you to go away.


Can you feel the same in a meeting room when you’re going to hold your presentation? When you close down the curtains and put the light out? You start that huge projector with that non energy giving bright light. Rolling down that big grey projector screen. You can see how the people in the room do the same thing mentally like I experienced three weeks ago on the boardwalk. They go away. They leave the room, finding their interest in a laptop or their cellphone. Just to get some excitement. Unforgettably you are not their choice…


Have you been there? You ask a question, but hardly no one replies? You want some feedback on a project result, but there is hardly anyone that gives you a sign of their thoughts. Isn’t that frustrating? What if we change the way of our setup the next time in our meeting room. So I will give you 3 easy ways of getting a happier and more interactive meeting and presentation.

  1. Make sure that the room is bright, leave all the lights on, and make sure you do not close any curtains. Even if the sun is out leave them up. If your projector is old, and the bulb needs to be change. Prepare a presentation that you can display and write down on a flip chart or a whiteboard. PowerPoint is great. It’s great as a graphic enhancement tool. So do not rely on it all the time. So pre-check the room before your presentation.

2. Make sure that the room is well ventilates, rather put the AC on cold in the beginning and then see if the temperature rises when the audience arrives. If you have the possibility to open the window before they arrive please do. But have in mind that in the summertime its allergy season witch can affect some of the audience in a negative way. Also it can be hard to keep the window open during your presentation or meeting cause of all the noise outside witch can affect the way of a presentation or a meeting. Regarding to if the audience sensoric filter pics up a noise that it finds interesting and needs to analyze. If that happens we might lose that person for a moment. And we want to avoid


3. Think in new ways of holding a meeting. Why not have a walk´n talk. Take the meeting outside. Regarding summertime or wintertime. There is no bad weather, only bad clothing. The fresh air gives the brain a boost of energy thru a release of serotonin and endorphin’s that have a anti-stress effect.  When you move your body that will trigger your heart to beat faster witch will increase you oxygen into your muscles. So you and your audience will feel stronger. So why not try to do it different.


So start creating that sense of brightness and happiness in your meeting rooms and in your presentation and you will see that people will be the boardwalk when its 27 degrees. They will smile, interact and be there with you on every part of the presentation. I wish you the best of luck and it all starts with you!

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Best regards

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