David JP Phillips was raised in a small town in Sweden. When he was 14 years old, his mom gave him a book that would change his entire life. The book was no other than Jean Paul Sartre’s existentialism. After reading that book this 14 year old boy now started to find an interest in how the brain works. Why people react the way they do, for instance when they say maybe instead of yes, Should instead of recommend and actually instead of is. This you boy started reading more and more, just go get the grip of this grey substance that is located between our ears. Some years went by and David was now turning 17. To get the full understanding of how the Swedish tradition is you need to know that in Sweden, especially in small towns there are only three options when you’re about to turn 18. First one is that you start saving for your first car. You will also save money so you can customize it with cool stickers and exhausts. The second thing is that you start playing a sport, hoping that you will become a star. The last thing is that you can end up with is that you will be stuck at the local hamburger joint and never ever leave that small village. So David realized that he did not fit into any of these three options and choose a new path. The path of creating a new way of educating mankind in presentation skills from a biological aspect. So he started saving for his first EEG (Electroencephalograph) machine. When he eventually could afford it. Then was time to order it and it finally arrived. He shaved his head and smeared silicone paste all over is scalp. He then connected 16 electrodes and now started to read his sinus curves on a monitor. Just to see how his brain reacted in diffrent situations. At that time the first seed was planted in what will become one of Sweden’s biggest companies in presentation skills and communication. We are today a company that educates people in what many fear most. Even more than death itself. No other than standing in front of an audience. Holding a presentation. We teach people how to become awesome in Presentation skills, sales and in leadership. And with our unique way of doing this thru proven scientific facts about how the brain works this in a lecture or class that you cannot miss.

So if you ever feel that you did not deliver that message that you wanted, the way you wanted to? Or your audience did not feel interested in what you were saying? Did nobody remember what you talked about during your last presentation or sales pitch?

Then we are here for you!



My name is Alexander Grabner-Jarlung, 8 years ago my life changed. I got to meet the founder of this company at a course back in Sweden. David JP Phillips is his name and I realized that this was something I liked. Even loved. Communicating with other human beings. So I kept in touch with Mr Phillips for several years and attended all seminars, courses and even got a coaching sessions with him. I got more and more passionate for the topic. 4 Years ago I met him at local airport and then he asked me the question. If I wanted to help him change the world as we know it. The answer was easy. I since that day dedicated my life into making sure that we start communicating in a new way that makes the world a better place for each and every one of us. To have better presentations, better sales meetings and making sure that leaders around the globe will become great on leading their employees in making their companies grow. Ive since then been fortunate of helping huge multinational companies, board of directors, small businesses, students in high schools, students in colleges and also been helping different officials and employees in European governments.

Now I am the CEO of the US branch and being the one that will introduce the US market for a revolutionary smörgåsbord of courses, lectures and coaching in presentation-, sales- and leadership skills.

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